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The tep-System

As part of digitalization of industrial transport processes, we developed a reliable and scalable transport processing system with front and backend for logistic companies, offering the following functionalities

  • Platform for tariff, spot and tender market (special transport)
  • Completely time and process controlled (real time)
  • Fully automated with a high degree of process standardization
  • Easy connection to existing IT infrastructure by interfaces
  • No standard software, special requirements can be customized (tailor-made)


The system offers the users FTL (Full Truck Load), FCL (Container Transports), LTL (Less Truck Load)

  • Price matrix with requirements of the company for individual customers / plants
  • Consideration of different tariffs (zone tariff, fixed price, distance etc.) at the same time for optimal price negotiations
  • Track & Trace System, also as an App
  • Compliance check before accessing the system
  • Significant productivity gains by reducing administrative standard work time (approx. 80%)


Our cloud-based software is based on process automation of the workflow. This is conditioned both by time factors and by selectable and defined rules. These rules, but also the workflow itself, can be adapted to any need. Thus, the system remains agile and adaptable.


Orders are either transferred to the tep system via an API from the existing systems and processed further or can be entered directly in the input masks of the tep system. In doing so, all data of the order can be entered and managed holistically. Based on this data, suitable carriers can be searched for in the further course. All defined factors - such as empty kilometers or price - are taken into account. This means that the best possible offer can be found and commissioned. During the actual execution of the order, our tracking system will then take over.

Throughout the process, changes and adjustments are communicated to all relevant parties. Communication is direct and in real time. Every single step takes place digitally and - if desired - fully automatically.

  • Major growth target demands productivity gains
  • Manage Hinterland-traffic
  • Transportation network needed
    • break up of incoming LCL and airfreight master AWB;
    • distribution from hub to final destination
  • Access to networks in local markets
  • Setup should allow tradeoff btw price & speed
  • Limit access to compliant providers only
  • Workflow engine
  • Fully time controlled
  • No touch execution
  • Add on to existing CRM and TMS system possible
  • No IT-Investment
  • Mid-mile services can be added
  • Allows quintupling of volume without adding any new headcount
  • Optimum price/speed matrix in line with company's requirement per customer
  • Manage multiple forms of tariffs (zone, flat, distance etc.) simultaneously for optimum pricing
  • Full flexibility in order changes up to delivery (without need to cancel existing and to set up new order); company determines point of no change by event (colli numbers, addresses)
  • Consolidation of all providers’ track & trace information to be used in company's global system
  • Credit note generation towards supplier to ease accounting
  • Compliance check prior to admittance to company's system; fully documented
  • Dynamic controls, event based
  • Easy to execute tasks: „work down your task list"

What is tep capable of?

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