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What is aPaaS?

With aPaaS, you can quickly develop high-value solutions for multiple parties. They can keep pace with changing technology trends, market changes, and new policies. Especially by extending and adapting applications or even developing new ones.

One of the benefits of aPaaS mainly concerns those users who usually do not have to take care of the technical infrastructure or even specific logistics requirements as part of their tasks. With aPaaS, applications can be developed without local authorities having to worry about building and maintaining the underlying infrastructure, such as servers, databases and networks.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is defined as application infrastructure functionality enriched with cloud features and offered as a service.
Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is a PaaS offering that supports application development, deployment and execution in the cloud and encapsulates resources such as infrastructure and includes services such as those for data management and user interfaces.
(Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service 2016)

Why aPaaS?

The biggest advantage of aPaaS is speed. The development and provision of apps is much faster than, for example, the development of tenders, contract systems between users and transport companies. By using pre-built modules that are distinct to each other in function but can be connected together, large platforms can be custom developed.

This allows us to extend and easily adapt our system to unusual, non-standard fields of application.

Software as a Service
Out of the Box Software
Ready when you buy
Managed via the cloud
Limited options to customize or expand
Application Platform as a Service
Cloud-based, service-oriented development environment
Basic platform is finished
Uses microservices & modules
Quick to expand
Adaptable to requirements and therefore flexible and scalable
Paas / Iaas
Platform / Infrastructure as a Service
Development environment in the cloud
Platforms are not or only slightly pre-built
Solutions have to be completely redeveloped
High costs and time for development and customization, as everything has to be done in-house
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