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Case Studies

tep-systems in practice

Here we present a selection of success stories that demonstrate our modular aPaaS architecture. Each case study provides an insight into the strategic collaboration with our customers and shows how our customized solutions help to overcome complex challenges and achieve sustainable results. We show you how the tep system makes it possible to develop customized solutions for different business requirements without deviating from the workflow of the business in question.

Discover how our modular aPaaS architecture forms the basis for innovative solutions and how we achieve new levels of performance together with our customers. These case studies offer insights into the real-world successes and results that come from our partnerships.

We invite you to be inspired by our success stories and see how we are shaping the future of logistics with our modular platform.

Brokerage (Full Truck Load)

In cooperation with the customer, tep-IT GmbH developed a transport execution platform for the automatic dispatch of truck transports and a Track+Trace system via app for shipment tracking.

Hinterland on Demand

tep-It GmbH developed and modified the Transport Execution Platform for hinterland transports and their processing. The scheduling is handled by tep-IT as a service for the customer.

Relocation Service (Network)

tep-IT Gmbh has developed an innovative network with all company locations to enable them to synchronize orders with each other and to view and evaluate them in terms of cost-effectiveness without having to compromise on service quality.

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